Chocolate Lovers

A Holiday For the Chocolate Lovers (The Candy Not Your IG Crush)

What’s something that hasn’t changed since you were a kid? What is the one thing that can always satisfy you? What is something that you, a little kid, and the Kardashians have in common? We all love chocolate!

November 29th is National Chocolate Day…the edible kind, not the kind you date. On this glorious day, we honor the dark treat that has helped us relax on holidays, vacations, movies, or just when we need it. To dive into your feelings and get into the feel-good emotions chocolate brings to you, here are some black-owned businesses that will help in your indulgence.

Abundance Bakery
105 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL

Akhirah’s Praline Candy
1845 South State Street, Chicago, IL

Bellwood Sweet Shop
706 Bellwood Avenue, Bellwood, IL

Bitoy’s Sweet Treats Inc.
5957 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL

Kilwins Chicago
5226 South Harper Avenue, Chicago, IL


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