Get a Taste of Ethiopia in Chicago’s Edgewater Neighborhood

By Azaria Muhammad

The Ethiopian Diamond is located in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood where both meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans needs are met. The dining experience embodies traditional Ethiopian culture; from the delectable injera (sour bread made from indigenous Ethiopian grain, “teff”) and family style setting, to the accommodating staff.

Upon entry you are barely able to look around at the hip setting because you are immediately seated and taken into the care of the attentive servers . The servers are very good at engaging guest in conversation, whether it be about the weather outside or their Ethiopian history.

The Ethiopian Diamond’s atmosphere is identical to what you would find in Ethiopia. There is a section in the front of the restaurant where you can purchase spices such as, berbere, ghee and tef flour. At night time there is a live band playing authentic music or their would be an Ethiopian musician playing a “masenqo” or “krar” which is are instruments native to Ethiopia.

When ordering, you can opt to ask for a personal platter, but family style is the best way to go. All meals are prepared by the owner/ chef, Almaz Yigizaw. and  Traditional Ethiopian honey wine, tea and coffee are made in the restaurant and pairs great with all entrees and starters. If you enjoy tangy ,mild/ spicy food that is also fun to eat, the Ethiopian Diamond is the place to go.

For two people you should expect to pay around $60. The location this review was based upon is located at their one of two locations on 6120 N Broadway St. They open around the same time Sunday through Saturday at 11AM and close around 10:30PM.


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