supreme steak by Taurus Flavors

Family Owned Restaurant Has Been Serving Famous Hoagies for 50 Years

Family owned and operated since 1966

Taurus Flavors, launched in 1966 by Edward and Bernice Perkins has been serving their now famous supreme steak hoagies for 50 years now. An example of a successful restaurant business, their primary location is 8534 South Stony Island, Ave. where they have been for 45 years. This family owned business, at one point, had 15 locations.

The Supreme Steak is a Chicago style philly steak with the signature sweet peppers and the unmistakable often imitated but never duplicated, Taurus Sweet Sauce.

Initially, ice cream was the primary product of Taurus Flavors.  In addition to the many ice cream flavors they sold their Supreme Steak and The Master Dog which was phased out in favor of the ever popular Supreme Steak in the early 70s.

Another popular item is the Hoagy Supreme which made a slight chance since its introduction.  “We have replaced the pork products for a leaner, healthier choice.  Our Hoagy is now made with a variety of smoked turkey meats,” said their website. “The ham, pastrami and salami are now all turkey based.  We think it improved the taste and our customers are happier than ever.”

Harvey, IL residents may remember “Ice Cream City” in Harvey, IL. It was a full service restaurant built from the ground up to service the community of Harvey.


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  1. I enjoyed the steak sandwich for the first time. I been going to Parkway Hoggies for ten years. Now that Parkway is gone out of business. Salute to a new Hoggies home.


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