Just Turkey BBQ Sauce Is Now on Sale by the Bottle

CHICAGO–It’s unclear who invented Bar B Que sauce, but brothers Brian and Greg Morton, owners of Just Turkey, have perfected their unique blend.

As the name suggests they offer a turkey-based menu intended to provide a healthier food alternative. The brothers are proud of several things: they use fresh produce, whole wheat bread, special recipes and that special sauce that can be drenched over their dishes such as the turkey ribs, tips and burgers.

Now the self-proclaimed originators of turkey ribs and tips, according to a tip we received from Facebook, have bottled up popular barbecue sauce for take-home consumption.

“The sauce you all know and love is now available!! … Great on Earthing (sic),” said Greg Morton on his Facebook page. Visit www.originaljustturkey.com for more information.


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