CheSa’s Gluten Tootin Free Food Truck Promotes Healthy Eating

Meet Chesaree Rollins, owner of CheSa’s Gluten Tootin Free Food Truck. Her entrepreneur efforts began after some health challenges. Despite being a healthy eater, at the end of summer 2012 her weight started to increase rapidly. “I had gained 70 pounds in 6 months,” she said.

She discovered an intolerance to gluten and as she got her diet together, she found herself being very limited in restaurant selections. “It was a struggle dining out and seeing my foodie favorites angelically float by my table,” she said.

“In 2015 I experienced my first food truck festival and loved it! However, nothing really catered to little ol’ me. A few months later – out of hunger – the idea was born. Some one needed to create a gluten free food truck. A couple more months went by and I decided that that someone would be me!”

What’s the most rewarding aspect of having a food truck?
There are numerous rewards from working the truck. I meet so many people from day to day that I get to empower. I have the opportunity to change one persons mind everyday about what they put in their body. It’s not just about promoting gluten free food, it’s about promoting a healthier lifestyle.

What’s your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenges is getting African Americans in certain communities to buy-in to healthy eating. The response that I have gotten about gluten free food varies from community to community, but in some of the marginalized communities it is a struggle to get people to even try samples of free food.

Where can people find you during the week?
Since the weather has changed we have taken a back seat to local street routes. We are currently doing festivals and private catering.

What’s your favorite dish?
My favorite dish is the Kale salad with Chicken or Shrimp. That was one of my favorite gluten free meals when I first started. Its a combination of gluten free seasonings, olive oil, organic soy, lemon juice, fresh cut veggies and Kale. I will eat it almost everyday.

For more info, contact her at:

Phone: 312.576.5955


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2 thoughts on “CheSa’s Gluten Tootin Free Food Truck Promotes Healthy Eating

  1. I dont know what ole girl is talking about. Cause the Soul Veg been in Chatham for over 37 years now and it’s a house hold name around the globe appealing to all walks of life. Black folks eat healthy stuff, now more than ever.

  2. I believe that all these black entrepreneurs in Chicago should come together and create more jobs in the black community. We can’t wait for our enemies to enpower us, we have to empower themselves. Every black church in Chicago should be depositing money ata black owned bank. So should every black working professional, business owner, and investor. We do this, others will do the same. Cause power only respects power and people only do you according to how you do yourself. That’s real.


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