demera ethiopian restaurant

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant is a casual restaurant where they roasts their own Ethiopian coffee beans and play traditional music on the weekends. This north side restaurant serve traditional Ethiopian cuisine using only the freshest, high quality and authentic ingredients. Chef Tigist Reda is passionate about bringing delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine to Chicago.    

  • (773) 334-8787
  • 4801 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL, 60640

Gorée Cuisine Senegalese Restaurant

The Cuisine of Senegal is a West African cuisine influenced by North African, French, and Portuguese cuisine and derives from the nation’s many ethnic groups, the largest being the Wolof. Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean, fish is very important in Senegalese cooking. Chicken, lamb, peas, eggs, and beef are also used, but pork is not […]

  • (773) 855-8120
  • 1126 E 47th St., Chicago, IL
Ethiopian Restaurant

Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant

This family-owned and operated Ethiopian Restaurant provides comfort food from the mountains of Ethiopia. Ras Dashen (pronounced Rahs DAH-shen) is the tallest mountain in Ethiopia, and is located in the Simien Mountains National Park. Zenash, the chef at Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant, grew up near these mountains. Zenash Beyene, chef and owner of Ras Dashen, was […]

  • (773) 506-9601
  • 5846 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL