A.P. Deli (South Shore)


AP Deli started in 1984 on Chicago’s south side at 107th and Michigan as a little corner food and liquor/grocery store that sold Corned Beef Sandwiches on the side. Joe Eddy Battee, one of the owners three sons, started experimenting with various seasonings and came up with a sandwich that was very flavorful, tender and […]

  • (773) 288-4931
  • (773) 288-5105
  • 2025 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL, 60649

Chef Sara’s Cafe

Access to Chef Sara’s Cafe is scenic, pleasant and super friendly mass transit ride. Those who really know their stuff, access 71ST & Exchange via CTA’s Rail & Bus Routes or METRA’s South Shore Line which offers inter-urban commuter car comforts. Take the out bound South Shore Line, to the 71st stop, use the platform’s […]

  • (773) 359-4637
  • 7201 S. Exchange Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

Majani Vegan Restaurant & Catering


Majani Catering™ provides delicious vegetarian cuisine to foodies and health-conscious patrons in Chicagoland, utilizing the freshest ingredients from local gardens and celebrating the communities that grow them. Chef Tsadakeeyah has been serving Chicagoland patrons with Soulful Cuisine for over 20 years.  

  • (773) 359-4019
  • 7167 S Exchange Ave, Chicago, IL

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean 2126 East 71 St Chicago, IL www.facebook.com/RoyalCaribbeanJerk