New Chatham-Avalon Park Take Out

New Chatham-Avalon Park Take Out Boasts its ‘World Famous’ Spaghedough

CHICAGO–If you have rolled down 87th street in the Chatham Avalon Park area of Chicago, then you may have spotted the orange and black colors across from the now closed Aldi’s building. It’s a new restaurant in that location and they are cooking up a storm. Popup Dropoff offers “our customers tasty dishes and meals that will have you wanting and craving more,” the owners said. They have catfish, chicken, and their “World Famous” Spaghedough made with all premium turkey products. Those are the main items, but they offer special items and combos each week. Meet the owners Chris “Dough” Fryison and Angel Williams.

Why they started the business.
Stepped out on faith after being laid off from DeVry University after 14 years of employment. Never wanted to feel that feeling ever again after putting so much energy into someone else’s company; fueled someone else’s dream. Never again!

What is unique about your business?
Our Spaghedough and the approach to dealing with our customer base makes us unique. I respect every customer that honors us with his or her patronage. I understand that they can spend their dollars with anyone else. By keeping that at the forefront of our interaction with our customers will keep us moving in the right direction. I know that being a Black business owner in our community, I have a moral obligation to run my business at the highest level of efficiency and put forth the effort to grow our business and become a staple in the community. Show others that we can be owners; not just consumers!


Serving Foodies
It is our main objective at Popup Dropoff to satisfy those who are looking for a quality, affordable, and delicious meal. We look to fulfill those who want something different from your typical fast food establishment. We strive to achieve this goal from the moment when a customer places an order, whether that is by phone, text, or email. We also want to have the same impact on those who popup to our location for carryout. We want our customers to be satisfied from the first bite to the last and crave for more after completion of the meal.

We want our customer’s interaction with Popup Dropoff to be an experience that will keep them coming back for more, as well as telling someone else of the life-altering experience! Our customers shouldn’t have to cheat themselves by sitting in a drive thru ordering dishes that won’t satisfy. Treat yourself by indulging on a voyage to satisfaction that your stomach and taste buds will thank you for. Lunch and Dinner should not be boring… Popup Dropoff offers dishes that complement each other. From our SPAGHEDOUGH to our JUDY JUICE, each unique element of each combo will allow our customers to experience Popup Dropoff at the max! Each mouthwatering combo is priced to attract our customer’s wallets. We aim to please in all aspects for supreme satisfaction from our clientele.

Affordable Prices
Our combos range from $4.99 to $14.99. We have catering options available, which vary in price (full pans and half pans).

About Christopher
Christopher has been in sales and management for the past 25 years. He was last at DeVry University in 2014 in capacity as an Admissions Advisor and Assistant Director of Admissions for 14 years of service. Christopher has a Bachelors degree from Purdue University in Organizational Leadership and Supervision and from DeVry University in Technical Management. He currently is pursuing his Masters degree from Keller Graduate School of Management, were he is studying Public Administration with a concentration on Nonprofit Management. He has an extensive background in supervisory, management, and sales, which has allowed him to work effectively with diverse groups of people, establish long-lasting relationships with employees and customers, and exemplify leadership and dedication to all task that are put before him. Christopher is ambitious, hardworking, and personally committed to excellence. His track record also exhibits an aptitude to be innovative, an effective problem solver, highly organized, and attentive to details. His personal satisfaction comes from making sure that the customer is serviced by going above and beyond their expectations. He is also motivated to have an employee under his guidance become skilled and well rounded in their daily approach to their duties.

About Angel
Angel Williams has completed her A.A. degree from the City Colleges of Chicago. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree from DeVry University in Healthcare Administration, with an expected graduation dated of December 2015. Angel resides in the Chicagoland area with her three children. Angel is currently employed at Chicago Public Schools, where she has served for 12 years of service. Her 12-year employment with Chicago Public Schools began as an internship, and evolved into full time employment due to her hard work and dedication to the Head Start Pre-K program. Within this program, she works diligently to ensure child and family services, as well as parent engagement activities are successfully implemented and documented for Federal auditing purposes.

Popup Dropoff
1229 East 87th Street
(773) 530-7814


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4 thoughts on “New Chatham-Avalon Park Take Out Boasts its ‘World Famous’ Spaghedough

  1. I can honestly say their spaghetti is like no other I have ever tasted! The fish is fried perfectly and the wings are delicious! I called in a lunch order for us. It was ready when I arrived and still hot when we sat down to eat. My coworkers loved every bite! Look forward to my next meal from there!:)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the food PopUp DropOff! If you have not experienced the food, you have missed out tremendously. I’m extra proud because Chris an I are Morgan Park alumni. Go Doughboy!!!!


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