That Boy Eats! – A Trip to Peach’s Restaurant

I had the pleasure of dining in at Peach’s Restaurant this past weekend. Allow me to share that experience with you. As I walked in through the front entrance, I immediately felt as if I was in my kitchen at home. The ambiance of Peach’s Restaurant was a home, relaxed and family feeling. I was greeted within seconds after walking in with a big “Welcome to Peach’s,” and then seated. I chose to sit at the bar at the head of the restaurant.

While waiting to be served, I had a flashback to my younger days. Maybe it was caused by the 90’s and the early 2000 music playing in the background. Anyway, within minutes my order was taken. As I was being served by the host, we cracked jokes and laughed. I just so happen to ask “what is the most popular dish?” The host Jerome, immediately suggested three dishes.

From the three suggestions, I chose the Shrimp and Cheese Grits with a glass of Peach Lemonade. I heard Peach’s had some bomb grits. I could not have been waiting for more than 15 minutes. No exaggeration. My meal was served. Shrimp, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions and garlic cream sauce all dressed nice and neat on southern style cheese grits. What I heard was true!

The grits were everything, but the dish as a whole was amazing. From the taste of the food to how the food was served. It was amazing. The bacon bits mixed with the cheese grits were arguably the best part of the meal. The host and hostess hospitality made the food that much better. And the bill wasn’t bad at all! To top it off, I grabbed a handful of candy on my way out at the front counter.

Peach’s Restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Rome, located on 47th and King Drive. Peach’s is a breakfast and lunch restaurant which thrives on good customer service. The restaurant hasn’t been around for more than two years, but is already becoming a “must go to” spot in the Bronzeville community on the southside of Chicago.Oh, I will be back. I can almost guarantee you that. Peach’s Restaurant is definitely a “MUST go to.”


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