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Twisted Eggrolls Brings Their Unique Delicacies to Chatham

More than just buzz, the Boombox is making noise. Chicagoans have seen them popping up in various parts of the city. The Boombox is a prefabricated, climate controlled, pop-up storefront constructed from an upcycled shipping container available to rent for short term, retail, cultural, community, and marketing experiences.

It’s a novel idea for businesses not yet ready for a retail location but need to engage more new customers.

Coming to Chatham to kick off the BoomBox is Twisted Eggroll, a catering service that infused nontraditional food inside an egg roll. Nikkita Randle has created a menu that includes chicken fajita, cheese steak, and pizza egg rolls just to name a few. She’ll be at the Chatham BoomBox this weekend.

“I am super excited about coming to the Chatham area. Usually I have most of my business corporately downtown so I am ecstatic about blessing the south side with these infused egg rolls!” she told Black Chicago Eats.

Randal will be on the corner of 79th and Rhodes November 4-15 with an assortment of savory and sweet egg rolls.

Boombox Chatham | 532 E. 79th


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